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Our team of computing experts created Office Anywhere 360 to provide a unique cloud hosting solution for all sorts of businesses. Our team’s focus is to help YOU increase work productivity by allowing you (and your team) to access your work applications from any mobile device.

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Simply put, cloud hosting is a “virtual machine” with all of your applications and programs available to you anytime, anywhere! In the past, people would run their applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building or home, cloud hosting allows people access to their applications through the internet.

10 benefits of Cloud Hosting


2.Backup Recovery

3.Automatic Software Updates

4.No hardware needed

5. Improve Team Collaboration

6. Work From Anywhere

7. Document Control

8. Maximum Security

9. Increase Work Productivity

10. Environmental Friendly

Your Advantages


Easy to use

Office Anywhere 360 is a powerful cloud hosting system that makes it easy for you to continue working remotely with little to no interruption.

Mobile Applications

With Office Anywhere 360, you can take your work with you, anywhere! With our hosting service you can access your work applications from mobile devices (both Apple & Android), tablets and desktops!

Work Remotely

With our cloud hosting service, we are able to host multiple work applications on our secured servers. However, we primarily host the #1 work-essential tool for businesses, Quickbooks.

High-End Security

We host your work applications on our high end secured servers. We have a designated team, who's only job is to monitor the servers for breeches and malware. Our servers are also hosted locally in the US for stricter security, and peace of mind.

Our Cloud Hosting Solution Can Help The Following Industries:

What Makes Office Anywhere 360 Different

We offer business owners the option to customize their hosting solutions with us. Our team noticed that there was a need from businesses that purchased Quickbooks Desktop Pro. While Quickbooks Desktop Pro is a powerful business tool, it cannot be used while away from the desktop in which it’s installed. Office Anywhere 360 is the solution to this problem. We also wanted to provide a solution to multiple businesses who were impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. We understood what was necessary to work remotely and as a result, Office Anywhere 360 was created.


Work From Home

Your QuickBooks application and QuickBooks data are migrated onto a secured, protected US based server with little to no interruptions to your work flow. Access links are then created for all the computers, laptops,  and tablets that you want to access your QuickBooks on.

Office Anywhere 360 has multiple backup systems and power backups.  We also install the most current virus, malware and ransomware protection available.  Our designated security team is also monitoring our serves and networks 24/7. Office Anywhere 360 is staffed with engineer support with many years of experience.

Because our team of computing experts know the risks that come with using cloud technology, we have implemented top data security protocols

Have peace of mind by knowing that Office Anywhere 360 will never sell your personal data or give access to your personal data. Our team of experts is constantly monitoring the servers for breeches and malware. Rest assure, that our team is on it! To give you more peace of mind, our servers are privately located in the U.S. 

For more information on your personal data and privacy check out:

Privacy & Security

Our Startup plan starts at $99.00 and it includes remote access for one user with 20GB of storage. We also offer custom solutions for businesses that require multiple users and more app integration. Contact us for a FREE quote on a customized solution for your business.

High End Security

Office Anywhere 360 is proud to host your work applications on US based servers. We use advanced firewall protection for our private servers. Our servers are also constantly monitored for viruses, malware and ransomware. Our tech team also monitors for breaches and criminal intrusions from hackers.



Our most affordable package for single Quickbooks users
$ 89
99 Monthly
  • Quickbooks Remote Access
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • FREE Onboarding & Migration
  • 20GB of Storage

Custom Solutions

The beauty of Office Anywhere 360 is that we can create custom solutions based on your business' needs!
$ Price Varies
  • Everything from our Startup Package +
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Host Multiple Specialty Programs
  • Email Hosting | Outlook Hosting


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